Power and Pride

Glue Remover, Rust ConverterThere are times when being eco friendly has its down side. For one thing, not everyone supports a “green” lifestyle, and the followers thereof may be seen as picky, fussy, political, snobbish, or even weird. Even children who grew up in eco friendly families have sampled other lifestyles and have returned to it by choice, and not necessarily because of ease of living. Individuals who ride bicycles to work to save on petrol and pollution experience the best of both worlds. On one side, it is terribly inconvenient to do this and there is very little storage space for belongings, not to mention the fact that one cannot wear riding gear to work and therefore must change after arriving at work. On the other hand, one does not have to be concerned about auto insurance, petrol, traffic, clogged up highways, cars breaking down, and many other costs.

The yin and yang of power and pride is often exchanged between the ecological and non-ecological worlds. The subjects often turn political, and there are many prejudiced parties on both sides of the issue. The growth in eco friendly technology and endeavors helps to sway some, while at the same time it alienates others. This is not something which is likely to become less controversial within the next decade. At any point in time, humans are easily divided, supporting either side of an issue quite forcefully. Debates can occur in any pub, any living room and at any event over why someone’s opinion is right or wrong. So what does one do in these situations?

The truth is, environmentally friendly practices really do have a powerfully positive effect upon the earth and thousands of eco systems. Views which oppose this stem from desire for convenience, perception of convenience, or perception of authenticity. Putting others down for their beliefs is not authentic, but showing respect for their opinion and listening to them all the way through is very authentic and classy.

Eco friendly behavior begins with individual choices. That is why Envirosafe Solutions seeks to create as many earth friendly choices as possible, when we offer our line of fuel treatments, degreasers, and problem removers. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.