Politics of Green

Politics of GreenPolitics gets heavily involved with two sides of human characteristics. The differences between conservative and liberal, right and left, and many other factors are all expressing different sides of the same exact coin. Unfortunately, many people choose one political leaning and then they tie themselves to whatever that leaning may actually be involved with. This means that right wing followers who support sustainability must, in their minds, take a stand against left wing eco friendly leanings. This is, of course, quite ridiculous, because we all have our own beliefs, preferences and view points, and our whole lives cannot be split into just two sections between which we must choose what we will follow.

How silly would it be if you had to choose between your children and then had to adopt support of whatever characteristics your favorite child without being allowed to see any benefit in the other children? How silly would it be for you to organize your life that way? Political leanings mean that people must make decisions like this and the result can be quite mixed up in meaning and original intention.

So, let’s look at things in a much simpler way. Do you think that making food a sustainable source would be a good idea? Do you believe in the idea that herding animals like cows and sheep so that they can breed and make more meat for us to eat is a positive idea? Do you think that, instead of only using the planet’s resources, we should also make sure that life cycles complete and become more resources for the future, for more people and on more land?

That is the question that we all must ask ourselves, rather than indulging in petty political debates about things about which we are only 80% in favor of in the first place! Sustainable gardening, crop planting, and forestry will matter to you, no matter which political candidate you support. Life is not played out in black and white, but rather in lots of brilliant and shaded color. If you care about animals but not plants, then find your renewable resources there and contribute to them. The chemical solutions which Envirosafe Solutions produces and distributes all over Australia, like our fuel conditioner or marine glass cleaner, are just another step in this process. We believe in the power of eco friendly radiator coolant, dishwasher powder, and green disinfectant. And everyone can use them, which is really important. To order products for your business, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.