Pesticides and the Useful Honeybee

Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderPesticides help protect plants and agricultural fields from creatures which intend to eat them, scavenge among them, dig them up, or do any other damage. Pests include rabbits, gophers, squirrels, mites, caterpillars, larvae of various moths and flies, and many other bugs which eat and destroy plants all of the time. Pesticides are extraordinarily useful when dealing with these creatures, because you can protect entire farm crops from feeders, and you can keep your living (and the produce of others) safe until ready for harvesting. Unfortunately, pesticides also wipe out positive creatures, like ladybugs and honeybees, and the honeybee is especially being affected by pesticides.

Honeybees pollinate flowering plants by traveling back and forth between plants, carrying the flower pollen on the hairs of their back legs. They pollinate flowers naturally and automatically with their back legs while they are obtaining nectar from the flower. Different crops attract honeybees to various degrees, but the honeybee is necessary for plant pollination and for diversification. Honeybees strengthen any local eco system, because they contribute to the sustainability of the plant life in the area. When pesticides destroy both the positive and the negative critters, this can have a long-term detrimental effect on the eco system, especially in local farms where produce and local economies are sustained. Without the honeybee, the natural cycle of earth life is interrupted.

Ecologically speaking, the more organic, diversified and native local plants are, the better they survive and support surrounding eco systems. Agriculture, while following along those patterns generally, slightly imposes things upon the local eco system which were previously not there. This is, of course, necessary in order to maintain food production, but it is better to then retain all of the sustaining helpers, as well, such as the honeybee.

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