Out of the Ashes

Dishwasher PowderDuring the Dark Ages, men, women and children led peasant lives, with very little education or understanding. This included hygiene or any knowledge of parasites, and there was a great deal of superstition in order to make up for this lack of scientific understanding. However, there was a great deal of practical knowledge about chemical household tasks, such as making soap from the lye of ashes from the fire.

In essence, we can clean our bodies from the fire. Yes, that was just a joke.

Many civilizations around the world have understood the precept of creating lye from wood ash, and making soap from the lye. Now, the lye gets really hot, and it has been used to burn flesh off of live humans when poured from walls…and this has been done in hundreds of wars.

It is very interesting what comes out of the ashes: basic household and body cleaning, as well as highly effective war weapons.

Today, we have far more sophisticated chemical compounds, such as the eco friendly industrial liquids distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. We carry sanitiser, mould rid, and hard water laundry liquid. Our fuel conditioner and radiator coolant are safe for the planet. In fact, our whole line of products is free and clear of earth dangers. Now, that is what we call service to our business clients.

When your workers are pouring bulk quantities of solvent free degreaser on a particularly messy floor, remember that it is not only doing the job for them, but it is eco friendly. Do you see how just about anything can be created and destroyed and recreated again? Even wood ash, seemingly unusable, is collected and utilized for basic needs. Even the ashes from the fire still have function and ability to make our lives better than they were before. There is no such thing as the end of a life cycle. Life cycles continue, and they keep going long after our death. Now, we have chemical solutions which serve double duty for our daily maintenance. When you are looking to send off your next purchase order, remember that we are here for you. We are here to fulfill your eco friendly needs: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.