Old Wisdom Concerning Roots

Old Wisdom Concerning RootsRoots are traditionally a part of the hunter-gatherer archetype of primitive humans. The hunters would go off to find meat while the gatherers would stay behind to gather berries and roots. Roots are used as food, such as potatoes and carrots, but also roots were and still are traditionally used as part of health maintenance. Some roots could be used to reduce fever. Some roots were used as part of healing and many were used in religious rites.

The thing about roots is that they are of course nourished by healthy soil. The old wisdom concerning roots involves the cycle of the root system. The earth nourishes the roots, the roots are picked for eating. Manure and the remaining parts of the plants were returned to the soil, and more roots grew from this. When keeping animals, if hunter-gatherers did such a thing, they would have seen the beneficial effect of manure on the growing plants, and this in turn would have clued them in to the fact that the roots would be improved, too. Edible roots are very good for the human body and they produce a huge amount of energy which can last for quite a few hours. In fact, hunters would have been likely to bring roots with them on a long hunt, so that they have plenty of nourishment while hunting and also because the roots would be far more likely to last. This would be especially true in comparing them to berries which would not last as long.

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