Corporate Recycling and Economy Sustainability

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderIn businesses all over the world, recycling has taken a back seat in comparison to recycling and returning former end-of-life products to the workplace. Corporations which can maintain this high level of organization are able to measure how much product usage and waste can cost them financially and environmentally. Instead, they are returning recycled products to their own offices by creating a closed system in which they can dramatically reduce costs of new products and replacement products. This creativity and innovation is best mimicked when a minimum of 70% of end-of-life products are returned to these businesses. Financially, environmentally, and creatively, this is an excellent way to be eco friendly, portray your company as effectively “green” to your customers, and to help reduce product turnover costs, which can be high when added up.

Roland Geyer and Tim Jackson investigated supply loops and their various constraints, showing how recycling and reuse can be one of the best ways companies can make their systems cost effective and eco friendly. This is called creating forward supply chains. You are pushing your innovative creativity into future supply chains by breaking down used materials and creating recovery of value and usefulness to be turned around and put back into the business. This idea is not only a safe business decision, but it’s also good for our earth. One of the concerns which might be presented in implementing these steps is: how are we going to do that?

Many companies exist today which take your recyclables and turn them into value-added products which you can use again in your business. A lot of these organizations are local businesses which can service your business specifically, rather than your city or state regulated recycling efforts. This can save you a great deal on buying new products and, while there is a  cost in doing this, it can still be a great deal cheaper than taking care of old waste and buying new office supplies. It is certainly worth a little bit of research to find organizations which would provide this service for your company.

Envirosafe Solutions offers liquid cleaners, corrosion treatments, and lubricants, all of which are environmentally safe and completely biodegradable. While you are searching for a good recycling and “up-cycling” organization, also check out what we can do for you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

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