Of Reindeers and Kangaroos: Both Wonders of Nature

Fabric ConditionerChange is an inevitable fact of life. Sometimes a change can have acatastrophic effect on our ecological structure. We know that life on earth evolved over billions of years. Life is precious; every species is precious. We are struck with awe and a twinge of sadness when at themuseum we see the skeleton of a pre-historic creature such as a dinosaur. Our appreciation forthe preservation of our environment grows, and we are thankful that today we have the green alternative.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! This conjures up the vision of Santa, in his red clothing and long, flowing white beard, together with his fleet of reindeers. Indeed, though reindeers are real creatures, they evoke a very special feeling in us: the Christmas cheer. Likewise, the kangaroo, one of the very fewmarsupials, is a very special and inspiring creature. The mother kangaroo carries heryoung one in her ownmarsupium. Our concern for these marvelous creatures leads us to put additional emphasis on green, eco-friendly solutions,both domestic and industrial. We want to use an environmentally friendly product such as the Extreme Green range of hand cleaners, kitchen products and laundry products.

By using eco-friendly solutions, we do not in any way sacrifice effectiveness. Today’s technology lets us have the best of both worlds:greenness and functionality. That eco-friendly products need to be less effective is a thing of the past. At Envirosafe Solutions we have clearly demonstrated the efficacy and rapid action of a wide range of industrial and domestic products. These green solutions do the job magnificently without having any adverse effect on the environment. Take for example, our unique and completely biodegradable rust converter and rust remover.

We have sung the Christmas carol ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ since we first learned to talk. The magic is still there; it never wears off. Likewise, the kangaroo, unique to Australia, is a magical creature in its own right. We are often referred to as ‘skippy’s’. Indeed, we take great pride in being so called because we deeply love our very special native creature.

As our wants and needs grow, we turn more and more to path-breaking technology. To meet out our housing needs, we clear vast swathes of countryside to construct new homes. This does inevitably disturb the ecological balance. We are acutely aware of the destabilising effect of our human ventures, but this is an inevitable fact of life. However, we can contribute considerably to a safer and more stable ecology by using the green alternative, a green but effective solution. We can use green all-purpose glass cleaners, bath and tile cleaners, and the mag wheel cleaner, all biodegradable.

During this merry season, we can confidently enjoy the Christmas cheer, without any pangs of guilt. Our movement towards green technology ensures a better chance of the survival of both the reindeer and the kangaroo. That is why you should call Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 88 90 70 today.