Oak Trees and Their Civilizing Effect

Oak trees have contributed to human society for many thousands of years. In fact, homo sapiens were considered to be fed from Oak Trees andOak Trees and Their Civilizing Effect Their Civilizing Effectoak trees long before the hunter-gatherer lifestyle even began to develop. Acorns are the fruit of oak trees, and acorns are specifically designed for the human body to such an extent that a little bit of acorn flour added to a soup can make it fill you up about six times more than the soup without the acorn flour. Eating acorns certainly did not take any time, and their effect on the bloodstream, the nervous system, and the normal processes of the human body are boundless. Acorns are extremely versatile and can be used in many different things. Because the flour from acorns is so tasteless and odorless, it can be added to just about anything and it will lower the need for your blood sugar to even be maintained, it will fill you up much quicker, and you will have energy much longer than you would without it.

Civilization made a living and made wars from the wood of oak trees. Strong, enduring ships were crafted for two or three years at a time in a shipyard. The oak hulls were used in ink and in other forms of dying processes. Oak trees have been the stabilizing foundation of both the western and the eastern worlds for the past several millennia. There is nothing to compare with the resourcefulness of the oak tree, and that is why many pre-human hominid species found themselves following the growth and spread of the oak tree throughout the world.

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