Natural Insecticides

Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Glue RemoverWhether you own a small farm, do your own private gardening, or are heavily into agriculture, natural insecticides offer a wide range of benefits for your planting needs. They do not harm living plants, they do not prevent breakdown of organic material, and they are not toxic when soaked into the earth. Natural insecticides are a great way to get rid of critters which are feeding off of your fruits, vegetables and other plants, without having to worry about touching harmful chemicals or potentially entering the food supply. What are some natural insecticides which are currently used today and how do you apply them?

Homemade Insecticides

Homemade insecticides are used to help keep critters off of things like private gardens or vegetables or flower beds. In many cases, they are cheap and easy to make, but typically people make them in order to avoid using potentially harmful chemicals in the first place. In addition to homemade insecticides, many gardeners use what is called “companion planting,” where they plant desired plants together with plants which tend to repel unwanted insects. For instance, gardeners often plant a two-foot wide band of marigolds around their vegetable and fruit gardens, because marigolds repel a wide variety of bugs, insects and even some pest animals.

Neem Tree Insecticides

Some people who do not have success using a variety of insecticides against aphids or spidermites find Neem Tree insecticides to be helpful in getting rid of the more hard-to-kill or hard-to-repel types of critters.

Application of Organic Insecticides

Before you begin mixing and spraying homemade or store bought organic insecticides, be sure to test a small area of your plants first. Coat the leaves of a couple of plants with the substance you will use, on both sides of the leaves and as much of the stalk as possible. This ensures contact with the unwanted pests. Then, wait a couple of days to see if this negatively affects the plant itself before spraying all of the remaining plants.

As with humans, one of the best ways to repel unwanted insects is to be strong and healthy. Bugs, insects, parasites, and viruses are all heavily attracted to diseased or rotting vegetation and weakened or unhealthy plants.

One of the best ways to keep both your humans and your plants healthy is to never attack them with unnatural or harsh chemicals. That is why Envirosafe Solutions takes our eco friendly policy so seriously. We want our products to work, and we want you to find them safe. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.