Meditation and Gardening

Rubber RemoverMeditation is closely related to gardening. To put your full attention on something that is slow growing and developing, like your mind or a plant, and to keep nurturing it over time, is to be both meditating and gardening.

So how does meditation really work? Do you have to sit in those stupid yoga poses in order for it to be effective? Certainly not. You can be just as calm and relaxed while lying on a bed or lounging out on the grass in your yard as you can in a yoga pose. You don’t have to become one of those anemic stretching instructors to get flexible or to have peace of mind. The idea that you do is ridiculous.

No, meditation is closes to gardening and in fact many Japanese gardeners are very aware of this fact. By carefully nurturing and pruning and cleaning your plant, you are practicing the art of doing such things. Soon, even if you are not conscious of it, you are nurturing, pruning, and caring for yourself, just because you are now in the habit of doing so. And as for ideal positions to put your body in, meditation only requires relaxed comfort, and an enjoyable environment like your front porch in the morning or your garden bench in the evening. Walking “in the cool of the evening” is very powerful and is no wonder why the Spirit of God was described as so doing in the Biblical texts, if you believe in texts such as these. It is a quiet, powerful, relaxing thing to do.

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