Making Light of Shadow

Extreme GreenIf you have ever tried to order seeds from a catalogue or online, you will see how dominant “full sun” plants are in the marketplace. Shade plants are available, of course, but they are definitely in the minority of total number of overall plants. Why is this the case? Are there not plenty of forest environments where a wide variety of plants grow?

Actually, forest environments come in two types. First, you have the forest with really tall trees which form a towering canopy overhead and you can easily walk between the trees in any direction because the path is clear in every direction. Second, you have the forest where a whole bunch of dense foliage grows in many different layers and which provide plenty of cover for many different kinds of animals and critters to forage and live in their little woodsy homes.

In the latter example, you will hardly see any orchids or full sun flowers, and much of the foliage will just be green. While there are many different kinds of flowers which grow in the shade, most of these can grow in partial sun, too, and often catalogues list them as “full sun” because they wish to assure homeowners that their flowers will be able to withstand direct sunlight.

The shade from trees, bushes, and other plants makes us able to create environments of eco friendly sustainability, both warmth in winter and cooled down temperatures in summer. Shade is, for this reason, one of the more valuable assets to own in your business landscape. If you are looking for an eco friendly way to be more sustainable, consider leveraging the power of shade on behalf of your business.

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