Luxury versus Skimping

Antibacterial Hand WashLuxury items do something for the soul. Really, all forms of luxury living, from home to maid service to where we dine has to do with what is good for the soul. Luxury does not mean getting fat and pompous and stuffed on gluttony for the rest of your life. It means staying lean and trim due to the ultra high quality food and lifestyle you have created for yourself.

Luxury living is one of the single most soul enriching experiences in the world, second only to living outdoors or living at sea. While you are thinking about the luxury lifestyle, keep a couple of things in mind. For example, skimping is considered the opposite of luxury living and, really, starvation IS the opposite of luxury. However, being frugal and responsible with your money is part of the luxury lifestyle.

Now, we get to the definition of the lifestyle.

It has been scientifically proven, as well as witnessed by thousands of people who pay attention to how they feel after eating, that a small amount of high quality food is worth more to the stomach and give longer lasting energy than a large quantity of low quality food. Since the body doesn’t actually absorb any noticeable amounts of nutrition in the low quality food, eating large quantities of it can actually wear you out. This is because it takes more energy to digest food than to eat it, and if no nutrition is derived from it, then you can actually deplete your energy in the end.

Clearly, luxury is the way to go if you’re going to be good to yourself.

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