Increasing Interest by Increasing Knowledge

Increasing Interest by Increasing KnowledgeAre you struggling to get your employees interested in the Eco friendly initiatives you are attempting to implement in your company? Are your subordinates simply not interested in environmental subjects and only begrudgingly contribute their time and effort to new Eco friendly plans initiated by your company? It is important to remember that your employees are not likely to be interested in new green initiatives if they feel that they will bring more work, more inconvenience, or if they do not understand much about the subject or about how each plan will benefit everyone working in the company. Now is the time for education…

First, if necessary, plan an outing with your employees where they will get dynamic interaction with the Eco friendly plan that you are setting up for them. Let them walk over the construction scene while someone explains the changes and how the changes will benefit the company. Let them run the numbers for the financial incentives to the company, and break the numbers down for them, so that they will see and understand how each change affects their individual paycheck. If new products are being tested and implemented, show them the research on products being reviewed, and then hold a brainstorming session with them, asking them what they think of the different products. Just by involving them in the process, and having them interact with it as much as you can, it will inform them of the new plans and any changes you wish to make, and it will help to win their support of the new changes.

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