How to Compost in Ten Minutes a Day

Eco FriendlyWhile we are busy selling you high quality environmental cleaning products, we would like to make sure that you are educated on all forms of green living. After all, if you do not know your basic ecological living, how can you appreciate fully the benefits of Envirosafe Solutions’ products? We want you to know everything involved with living a healthy, eco friendly life.

Composting is exciting stuff. It is essentially the process of organic decay, and there are many reasons why you may find this to be a cool process. For example, organic decay in soil is pretty much ideal growing conditions for any plant. That is a huge deal, and it cannot be emphasized more strongly. The breakdown of organic material is what plants use to grow and what they feed on to make themselves stronger and more resilient to outside dangers, like pests and disease.

All plants should have composting, because the rain and watering they receive will soak through the compost and reach the roots filled with plenty of nutrients. Of course, composting involves decay, and this will have to happen fairly quickly. It’s good if you can do this in ten minutes a day. Here’s how.

Keep buckets with lids on them in a small area in your back yard. Every time you have left over potato peelings, banana peelings, small (and we do mean small) bits of meat or fat, rotten berries, and so on, put them in them in the bucket. Also, when you rake or cut your grass, put some of the dead vegetation in the buckets, too. In between times, keep the lids on the buckets and roll them around a little on the ground after putting something inside them. Occasionally rolling them around like this will help break up the decayed material, and keeping the lids on them will greatly assist in keeping the moisture inside so that the breakdown is more complete.

Call Envirosafe Solutions for eco friendly liquid products to keep your house, office, and worksite clean and well functioning. Use our sanitiser and mould rid after handling compost. You may need to use some dishwashing liquid or antibacterial hand wash to the mix. Feed your soil and keep your home and gardens in pristine condition. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.