How Many Systems Operate Solely on Bio-fuel These Days?

Porta-Loo TreatmentThe question is being asked now that petroleum based fuels seem to be either waning from the supply of Western countries or are at risk from nations which may wish to keep their supply and not export it: How many systems operate solely on bio-fuel these days? That is an excellent question. For many people, a world which uses sustainable fuel is so far in the future that it does not seem possible. However, many businesses are springing up which are using nothing but eco friendly products. It is so important to remember that this is indeed possible, and that the reality of the entire planet operating on nothing but bio fuel is much closer than we think. In fact, it could even be less than ten years away. What will you do with this news?

Many farmers sell their grain and animal by products for use in food or machinery or technology. What if your garden or farm could produce enough fuel to last you several months out of the year? Grain and bio plants are not difficult to grow, and they are certainly cheap to buy in seed form. What would you do if you had the chance to grow your own food AND your own “petrol”? That is certainly an encouraging thought, and it certainly makes petroleum shortages seem not quite as scary. It will also have a really positive effect upon your wallet or purse.

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