How Landscape Changes People

Glue RemoverOkay, we’ve all seen beautiful, scenic vistas. We know what pretty mountains or haunting wide open plains look like and we’ve all seen those beautiful sunsets and sunrises which grace us all of the time. In fact, landscapes may actually seem boring to you.

Well, the truth is that people are always affected by the environment in which they live or roam or spend a great deal of time. If someone works outside a lot of the time, they begin to adopt organic, emotionally mature thought processes and ways of interacting with other people.

By the same token, people who live in densely populated urban areas where there is barely enough scenic vistas for one person, let alone four thousand, will find that their mindset is one of survival and just getting by rather than one of abundance, richness, and vitality.

Of course, many people think that landscapes are stagnant. They are just where you live or happen to be sitting at. They are the background of life’s little moments, but nothing more.

This is not true. What you surround yourself with either feeds your spirit or starves your spirit. You must have access to the rising sun, the fresh clean air of the country, the spirit of hope, the positive interaction of people, and good clean food and bed linens. People need to feel good in their environments and they need to have something awe inspiring and uplifting to look at every day.

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