Hot Climates and New Sustainability

Hot Climates and New SustainabilityNew research and studies have shown that the climate change may not wipe out the human race, after all. (gasp!) Well, we’re blown away by that news. That was sarcasm. The truth is, if humans are given enough time to adapt, rather than it being a sudden and complete shifting of the entire planet, we are still pretty good at adapting.

Adaptation is one of the best ways to describe our human strengths. When discussing evolution, Charles Darwin did not necessarily support “survival of the fittest,” as if strength was the main factor. You see, being fit doesn’t necessarily mean being strong. It can have to do with adaptability.

Survival of the most adaptable is more like it.

There was a time when humans and giant reptiles, and we’re not even talking about dinosaurs here, lived in tandem with each other. We are talking about snakes the width of a large doorway the length of a small house. And, in this time period, the weather and all types of climate were twenty to thirty degrees hotter than they are now, even in the hottest locations on earth. This speaks to a time of adaptability which gives humans hope for sustainability and adaptability in the future.

Eco friendly liquid products can contribute to this overall adaptability. You see, chemicals expose our bodies to new chemical compounds to which we must become accustomed if we are to be around them all the time.

In the case of Envirosafe Solutions, we are exposing people to eco friendly, planet safe chemicals rather than the harsh types they have formerly been using. This helps the entire human race to “evolve” so to speak to using more eco friendly solutions which are gentler and safer and more biodegradable than the harsh chemicals they had been using before.

As for the hot climates, as long as we are still able to eat, sleep, and make love, there is not very much the human race cannot adapt to. In the meantime, check out our wonderful selection of chemical solutions, like our insect and tar remover, our marine glass cleaner, or our glue remover. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.