Hong Kong Landfills and Hope for the Future Trash Disposal Needs

Fabric ConditionerIn Hong Kong, the area’s landfill needs are spreading, since it is projected that the current landfills will be full in five to six years. What does this mean for residents? For many years, Hong Kong has been trying to get municipalities to dispose of their own waste in their own areas, so as to reduce the city’s landfill problems. However, you can see that, whatever the case, the trash is overflowing, no matter where you put it.

In William Bryant Logan’s book, Dirt, he describes the Compost Man, a guy who has perfected the art of turning trash landfills into beautiful piles of compost. This means that anyone can do it, but it also means that you have to have the right knowledge and experience, and that comes from working hand-in-hand with the Compost Man and his team of workers. It may be a suitable alternative to Hong Kong’s filling trash problems.

In addition to that, Philadelphia, PA, in the U.S. has for many years used pigs (natural scavengers) in their landfills to help reduce the amount of waste that the city has to pile up year after year. And we all know that pigs eventually produce moreā€¦.er, compost.

Of course, there are many ways around the problems of having to rezone and increase landfill area. Some of those problems are due to lack of information or lack of effective ways to bite off pieces of the problem, one piece at a time.

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