High Plains in Texas

The author has lived for many years on the High Plains of Texas up in the Panhandle (the square at the top of Texas). These plains are so highGlue Remover above sea level that your ears pop when you leave them or arrive at them, just like they do when you are in an airplane. When we prepare for winter, we have to think about how high the wind will be across the vast flatness of the land. We also have to think about ways in which to make water sink into the soil rather than evaporate or run off the land when spring comes and it is raining all of the time.

There is so much need for regular planning on the Texas High Plains that it becomes rather impossible to not be eco friendly in this state. You have to have a good knowledge of what is sustainable when and where, and you have to make sure that you make the most of your resources, otherwise they will just blow away!

In fact, Texas, U.S.A. is home of the two biggest wind farms in the world. While the political leanings of the area are mostly conservative and right-wing, the capital city is hard-core left-wing and is highly ecologically aware and eco friendly.

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