Happiness is a Symptom, Not a Cause

Soil WettaHappiness takes away some of the edge caused by living this life and existing in this world. It does a lot for us and when we are in a happy mood, there is very little that can get us down. However, happiness is NOT a cause. It is actually a symptom of a choice.

What, are you saying that we can just CHOOSE to be happy? Well, yes. You can just choose to be happy. However, this may not be possible to retain for very long unless you have something to be happy about over the course of developing this habit. The solution lies in recognize what is and what is not within your control. There are just too many situations where happiness does not bring what we thought we wanted, but it brought an ability to handle what is around us in an effective and productive manner. Happiness is part of being human, and so is the choice to be happy.

Yes, there are stressful circumstances, difficult problems, and horrible people with which we must all deal with on a regular daily basis. However, if you can find something about which to be happy, no matter what it is, and focus on your happiness, rather than on the problems, you will bring huge amounts of clarity and focus into your life. The problem with living with depressed people is that you start to become depressed yourself. The converse applies, as well.

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