Green Superstitions and Their Very Tangible Origins

Ecologically based superstitions have existed for millennia. There are superstitions based upon gods and their favors surrounding the planting Dishwasher Powderseason, what to do in a frost, and even what time of the month to plant. The monthly planting cycle was found to be more effective than just getting your planting done at any old time, and this was based upon the lunar cycle. Today we know that this is because certain inertia provided by the moon does, indeed, affect the growth cycles and the adaptability strengths of newly planted growing things.

Praying to the rain god in many different tribes all over the world was directly associated with having a full, abundant crop in dry, arid zones, while praying to the sky god was directly associated with getting enough air into the soil so that plants would grow tall and strong in very wet, marshy areas.

The link between mysticism and science has long been argued and yet proven over and over again. Observation of these phenomena led to a need to explain them, and before science, we had superstitions and gods and goddesses. It was convenient, and we felt that it was effective.

When Envirosafe Solutions began researching different chemicals which would address various everyday problems for both businesses and homes, while also being safe for the earth, we wanted to make sure that our research was backed by science and not just “feeling good” about the progress of our chemical solutions. Naturally, we felt very good when our products worked and passed all of our tests, and when our brand and business began taking off. However, we used science to get to the end result.

Antibacterial hand wash, diesel bug killer, and fabric conditioner are all environmentally friendly liquids provided by Envirosafe Solutions, and we are proud of the fact that all of our products had very tangible origins. Fortunately, we are not living in a time where we have to go through all of the superstitious underpinnings before we get to scientific proofs. We are able to skip right ahead to what works and what doesn’t, and Envirosafe Solutions is proud to present our line of chemical solutions, all of which are eco friendly, including our sanitiser, mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and porta-loo treatment. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to check us out: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.