Productive Soil, Effective Plants

Productive Soil, Effective PlantsSoil is most productive when it encounters a wide variety of plant decomposition. This does not mean that your entire business landscape should be built upon compost. It does, however, mean that by allowing your plants to decompose and fertilize each other, you are creating a miniature eco system right there on your worksite.

When soil is over harvested, it ceases to be productive, because new dead material is not added to it on a regular basis. When you have productive soil, you have effective plants. But, when you have empty soil, your plants are small, barren, and scraggly, rather than big, thick, strong, and flexible.

The truth is that creating something similar to a forest environment is the best way to properly use your soil. If there is a great deal of plant decay which is aired out and protected from the sun by a canopy, and which is covered by a nice layer of soil covering, then you are looking at a situation where a soil is able to grow, further decompose, and turn into just regular dirt in order to accommodate the widest variety of plant life.

Contrary to popular opinion, while there are different soils which are ideal for different types of plants, the best soil for the widest variety of plants is your basic, plain, simple dirt. The “dirt” of the world has a great deal of value, for it neither has to be rich, nor a particularly extreme pH level in order to be effective for most plant life.

Therefore, if you are planning to set up a permaculture system, remember, use plain dirt as the main ingredient for all of your soil recipes.

In fact, using specialized soil in many ways is a lot like feeding ice cream to children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The plants may really like it, but in the end, they will need a rest from all of the richness.

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