When Will It End, Already?

Extreme Green, Toilet Bowl Cleaner,Glue RemoverIf you have devoted your entire life to ecological sustainability, then at some point you may find yourself frustrated with what seems like slow progression. Eco friendly solutions evolve and become more advanced and more effective, but many green supporters seek an end to their efforts. At this point, we must ask ourselves, “When will we achieve total self sufficiency on this earth?”

Even if we used nothing but alternative fuel all of the time and maintained nothing but completely sustainable products, we would not necessarily be satisfied with the results, since humans by nature seek to improve ourselves in all things. If not fuel and outsourcing, we may strive to improve our communal relationships or private sustainability or even return to the ever advertised subject of population control.

On the other hand, earth sustainability will always be an important subject for those who wish to have independent lifestyles and maintain human luxury without too much consumption. As we find new ways to live in luxury and be modern, we must also find new ways to reduce pollution and maintain self sufficiency, or “earth sufficiency” if you will.

As for the subject of the end of the “green movement,” it may be replaced with space travel (would it be called “star hopping”?) or with ozone rebuilding (the “blue movement”). The name may change and the movement may change and evolve, but the motivation for our efforts will be the same. After all, we would all like to maintain our current standard of living, find solutions to destructive problems, and continue as we have, rather than tear everything down and start over from scratch. We may be open to change, but we are probably not open to THAT much change!

Ecology and the understanding thereof is also instrumental in learning about and developing peace between nations, governments and cultural living situations. It fosters the concept that growth is more productive than destruction and that rebuilding is more productive than war.

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