Eco Projects during Open Criticism

Eco Projects during Open CriticismOften, Eco friendly projects and initiatives are implemented in midst of open and public criticism and skepticism. Now, politicians are used to having their ideas both touted and rejected, but many citizens do not always have that mindset or understand the vehemence with which some individuals will support putting down of Eco initiatives. After all, it does not seem to cause any harm, so why should other people even care at all? Also, some individuals may simply not have the emotional wherewithal to handle being under such criticism without becoming upset or becoming emotional, too. It is unfortunate, but there is a way to handle all of the outside noise and differing public opinion.

First of all, avoid becoming emotional or defensive about it. It is likely that other people are not nearly as irrational as they seem to be at the moment and it is unlikely that their strong feelings are all that negative. It may have something to do with how taxes are spent and it may have something to do with new land renovations which would increase the income and quality of person in their community. They may have very good reasons for wanting the Eco initiatives to be replaced with something else.

Second of all, maintain communication with protestors and public dissonance. Make sure that you keep the line of communication open and that you understand their viewpoint. Even if you do not agree with it, allowing them to voice their perspective will keep their dissonance from overflowing into more dangerous methods of protest. Help them to feel heard, and be sincere about it.

Lastly, stand firm. Standing firm does NOT mean become obnoxious and in-your-face about your own success and your Eco friendly projects. It means being cool, quiet, discerning and calm…and standing firm with your project or initiative. Act with decorum and class, and you are far more likely to be treated with the same respect you show yourself.

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