Eco Mergers and the Risks of Both Parties

Eco FriendlyWhen two businesses set up a merger, they are agreeing to one of two situations: to become equal partners or for one to swallow up and own the other. Unfortunately, these mergers may not be as beneficial as would normally be expected, and either or both companies can suffer from it. The point can be made that partial mergers are better, but there we also have the situation which arises where one business is irresponsible and drags down the performance of the other business.

Eco friendly liquid products bring another aspect to this entirely. If both companies should be joined in a partial or complete merger in order to bring sustainability and eco friendly aspects to the world, then the possibility of failure is not just based upon financial gain but also upon how effective these eco friendly efforts really are.

Both parties risk the loss of a number of good employees. Both parties risk the creation of animosity and competitiveness between existing employees. Both parties risk the malfunction, dishonesty, or irresponsibility of the other company, which will bring the whole thing down. Risk is rampant in all business negotiations, but mergers carry a high price and the gain may or may not be worth the effort put into the matter.

Now, when Envirosafe Solutions began distributing eco friendly liquid products all over Australia, we knew that forming business-to-business relationships with companies would be very important. Our eco friendly industrial liquid would be most valuable on industrial jobsites, where our porta-loo treatment, our marine glass cleaner and our rust converter would all be really needed and valued by the workers and the cleaning staff. We knew that our mould rid, radiator coolant and fuel conditioner had to all perform at optimum condition. We knew that all of these things needed to be true, on top of our products being safe for the environment and easy to use and store.

We believe that we succeeded in our efforts and that all of our products meet these standards. We invite you to try them for yourself. Make sure that your employees put them through the wringer and really try them out to their fullest capabilities. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.