Eco Friendly Cosmetics and Skincare

Eco Friendly Cosmetics and SkincareAlicia Silverstone has begun her own line of makeup, lotions and soaps, all of which are Eco friendly. The U.S. based star of “Clueless” has decided to make the world a little better place with her high quality, Eco friendly cosmetics and skincare products, which she herself endorses. At Envirosafe Solutions, we always say that Eco friendly products and behavior cannot receive enough publicity, and we stand by that statement here. A celebrity endorsed product is an important movement in any environmentally friendly endeavors, since it is more likely to receive visibility and even a following due to fan movements. In addition to this, the bottles of “Juice Beauty” are ninety five percent recycled material, which translates into even further Eco savings. To top it all off, Alicia Silverstone has made her new line full of really healthy (and almost edible ingredients) like passion fruit, sesame seeds, shea butter, avocado, and aloe vera. Silverstone says that you would not want to put anything harsh on your skin, just as you would not want to eat anything harsh for food.

Eco friendly skincare products and cosmetics are available on the market today, but sometimes they do not sell as well as they should, due to high prices, exclusivity, niche markets, limited availability or “greenwashing,” which occurs when a product is advertised as being earth friendly, but is in fact just like any ordinary skincare product. It is important to keep these things in perspective when choosing an Eco friendly line to favor. Any Eco friendly products will have both positive and negative attributes, based upon what features they have. This means that you must think about the utility that you wish the products to possess and the amount of strength which you need it to have.

Envirosafe Solutions offers Eco friendly products, but we are in a different industry altogether. We specialize in industrial strength chemical solutions for your home, office, and industrial worksite, offering household and bulk quantities for many of our products. Check out our website or call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.