Keeping Vegan Pets

Glue Remover, Rust ConverterIf you have a carnivore (meat eater) for a pet, such as a cat or dog, you will find that their diet may not fit very well into your own diet, if you are a vegan or vegetarian. We begin with a rather humorous commentary on a short-lived (extremely short-lived) satire in the Americas based upon making fun of the ultra-frugal vegan lifestyle of a stereotypical liberal. At various points throughout the few episodes which aired, the family is shown feeding their pet dog only vegan dog food. The dog is shown salivating and obsessively picturing meat everywhere, even entertaining the possibility of chewing on live human legs in order to satisfy his meat cravings. At various points throughout the show, a neighborhood telephone pole is shown, with notifications of all types of missing family pets, with the implication that the vegan-fed dog has caught and eaten all of them.

While this is just a satire, many vegans are unsure about how to take care of their pets in such a way that satisfies the needs of the pets, but also conforms to their own belief systems and personal views on the subject. There are two approaches to this:

The first approach shows that many people feel that their canines and felines are not negatively affected by a meatless diet as long as they are fed a complete and balanced diet, which is appropriate to their needs. This may need to include supplements, which are typically naturally found in meat. It is recommended that you get their PH levels tested, and ask your veterinarian about the appropriate care for your particular breed of dog and how an alternative diet may affect their behavior or energy requirements. It may also be noted here that carnivores such as cats and dogs tend to only eat vegetation when they are sick and need to clean out their systems. So, while vegetation is naturally eaten by carnivores, it is obviously not their first choice of food.

The second approach depicts how many vegans and vegetarians recognize that while they do not wish to eat meat themselves for various reasons, their carnivorous pets require meat as part of a balance diet and buy meat from a local butcher, sustainable source, or even pay for more expensive organic meat which was not raised on steroids or in inhumane conditions. Whichever way you choose to feed your vegan pet, the choice must be entirely up to you. Only in this way will you feel good about your final decision and feel in control of your household and pet decisions.

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