Green Jeans

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric ConditionerThe luxury magazine, Robb Report, recently published a notification of a new, eco friendly jeans company which literally recycles old jeans, mixes the pulp from their recycled jeans with organic (and sustainable) cotton thread, and creates a very soft, slightly grainy, and very luxurious feeling “green” jean. The company is Nudie, and their Post Recycle Dry jeans are perfect for feeling casual, fashionable, and 100% eco friendly, all at the same time. The jeans are a limited edition (and numbered) set, five hundred in total, and may be a trial run to see if there is a market for this luxury jean that is so earth friendly.

This concept is an interesting one. Many companies are starting up which are entirely earth friendly and create sustainable cotton clothing. Most of this clothing is likewise expensive, but the prices are dropping as more and more people are insisting that the fashion industry make eco friendly and sustainable clothing available to the mass market. Many ecologically conscious people are outraged that first-world companies are still using cheap labor from third-world countries to reduce costs, both depriving the local economy of jobs and revenue, and exploiting unsafe working conditions or terms overseas. However, sustainable materials, such as cotton and hemp, can be grown and manufactured locally, and sold globally to individuals who are willing to pay a little more. If this practice becomes even more widespread, as with all new innovations, the more the price will drop and lower-middle class citizens will be able to buy sustainable, organic clothing which supports earth friendly practices.

As with many enterprises, the consumer holds more power than they believe they possess. After all, the entire market is based upon the needs and desires of the consumer, and as long as fashion promotes “green” clothing, the consumer will demand what editorials tell them looks good. Advertisements do not have to be detrimental or cause problems to self esteem or someone’s view of their current income. Advertisements can actually serve the eco friendly companies which exist today, making them visible, common, and therefore, less costly.

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