Mining by-products could treat wastewater: CSIRO

Mineral-rich mining by-products could treat wastewater according to new research by the CSIRO. The research was commissioned by the Western Australia Water Foundation to look at productive uses for industry and farming by-products. It offers exciting recycling possibilities for a range of mineral-based materials which must otherwise be stockpiled and discarded. Today we look at this latest research and its potential applications – another step in the green revolution gradually taking place in the mining sector.

Mining by-products could provide a cheap, environmental option for treating wastewater, according to new research by the CSIRO.

The Australian scientific research organisation partnered with the Western Australia Water Foundation to investigate this emerging recycling initiative. It identified a suite of mineral-based by-products suitable for purifying wastewaters and managing acquifer recharge.

Project leader Dr Grant Douglas said the abundant by-products generated by mining, industry or mineral processing offered a low-cost solution to treating water while helping the mining industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

“The large unexploited by-products we generate in Western Australia (particularly in areas such as south west Western Australia and the adjuacent Yilgarn region) could be developed as ‘designer’ contaminant absorbents”.

Dr Douglas said that as part of the research a range of by-products were identified and tested. These included neutralised used acid (NUA) produced by the heavy mineral processing industry, red mud and sand from the alumina refining industry, activated carvon, calcined magnesia, attapulgite, zeolite, fly ash, laterite, groundwater treatment residues, carbonate minerals and a range of rocks common in south-west Western Australia.

He said while the potential for wastewater treatment was the major outcome of the research, some solid by-product materials had been identified for potential use in enriching soils for rural and urban application.

The mining sector has been developing best environmental practice principles since the 1990s to minimise environmental degradation. These principles address issues including by-product waste, air emissions, noise and dust control, land rehabilitation, contamination, auditing, water management, hazardous materials management, storage and disposal.

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