Eco Friendly Crop Rotation

Eco Friendly Crop RotationIn agriculture, crop rotation is one of the building blocks to soil retention and sustainability. When crops are overgrazed or overplanted, then the soil can become barren and it can erode away, from wind or water. High winds and rainfall are the two biggest reasons why soil erosion occurs in farmland, and it is important to have a way to wet the soil down until plants can keep the soil in place. This is particularly prevalent before planting a new crop and before the plant takes root and grow to a certain height. The height of the plant is in some proportion to the height of the roots, and the roots of any plant spread out and deeper and deeper, holding the soil down and keeping it from being washed away by wind or by rain.

Crop rotation is the science of dividing a piece of land into three or more pieces, and only planting part of the sections at a time. In other words, the unplanted sections are rotated around and around every season, so that the soil gets a chance to rest and build up nutrients. Harvesting a crop involves pulling many plants, and it can even involve robbing orchards and other vegetation of needed fruiting capabilities. Rotating these crops is really important, so that nutrition can reenter the soil, and so that the planted trees and vines get a chance to go at least one growing season all the way through their fruiting and rotting cycles.

So, for both crop rotation and possible soil erosion reasons, it is necessary to wet the soil of unused or newly planted crops so that the soil remains in place. For this need, Envirosafe Solutions provides Soil Wetta, a dust suppressor, to the entire agricultural industry in Australia. Our eco friendly liquid products are both safe for the planet, and they serve a multitude of chemical purposes, such as rust converter and toilet bowl cleaner. The full list of all of our products is on our website. We provide eco friendly industrial liquid, like radiator coolant and laundry powder, so there is a wide variety to choose from for your specific business or farming needs. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.