Raising Kids to be Earth Friendly

Rust Remover, Fabric ConditionerWhen thinking about preserving our earth, it is vital to consider the next generation of green activists. Without proper information and real life experience with being “green,” kids may not be as appreciative of this subtle art as you are. What are some things you can do?

Develop proper attitudes within them

A study about how eco friendly attitudes affect eco friendly behavior describes how this is important. Things like taste, and later on, price, determined whether or not students in college were likely to partake of organic foods. These attitudes are instilled within people as children, especially by example. When you eat delicious fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables, obviously enjoy them, and teach your children this enjoyment, they are likely to continue this behavior as adults.

Set an example

The strongest influence you can have is through example, and this is not just a famous quote by Huston Smith. Many parents learn that talking requires a great deal less effort than action. However, when they show how important something is by always following through on their words about the subject, they are respected by and an example to their children. Eat everything you feed your children. Wear eco friendly clothes. Care for the environment, as you have taught them to do. Go over and beyond what you consider necessary for them to see you doing something right.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed

“Eco Friendly Families,” an e-book by Helen Coronato, describes how parenthood brings out the best in you and makes you want to make your work a safe place in which your children can grow. She describes how, all of a sudden, those tricky little questions about environmentally safe products, biodegradable products, and non-petroleum-based products can sometimes give conflicting answers. This book can be a great deal of help for “green” parents who are constantly bombarded by messages about what is and what is not good for their children.

Tap into your strengths

A 2008 study on environmentally responsible division of labor between spouses in marriages talks about how sometimes husbands and wives treat eco friendly behavior differently. Women were far more likely to be interested in and actually implement and follow through on “green” practices that benefitted their households, whereas men intended to follow through, but were more likely to be innovative and come up with original ideas for how things could be changed. If you find yourself irritated with your spouse when implementing eco friendly practices within your own home, remember that basic progressive thought processes between your genders may be disrupting your creative flow. Simply recognize that different people contribute to the sustainable practices of the household in different ways, and plan accordingly.

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