U.S. Begins Serious Eco Friendly Aviation Moves

Industrial Hand Cleaner, Mineral Deposit Remover, Rust ConverterEver used fuel made from algae? As bizarre as that may seem, United Airlines, based in the United States, just completed its first flight from Chicago to Houston using a blend of normal petroleum based jet fuel and some eco friendly fuel constructed from genetically modified algae that feeds off of plant waste. In other words, this fuel is not only biodegradable, sustainable, and eco friendly, but the algae that produces the oil for the fuel actually feeds off of organic plant waste.

This is not the only U.S. based flight company which is using and experimenting with combinations of eco friendly and petroleum based fuels. Alaska Airlines has scheduled 75 flights using up to 20 percent bio fuel derived from cooking oil. These are no small flights, either. The first flight was from Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C. and the second was from Portland, OR to Washington, D.C. Both United Airlines and Alaska Airlines are promoting their rebranding efforts through the use of mass social media and allowing users, passengers and anyone else to post or comment concerning these flights and their basis in environmentally friendly plans.

Now that passenger flights are beginning to regularly use alternative fuel sources, the steps toward achieving a safer, more sustainable, and greener planet are well under way. What was inconceivable or put down as impossible ten years ago is being produced and effectively used in real life today. These are amazing steps toward the growth of the transportation industry, as well as reduction in cost of travel and in facilitating better international relations. One of the major costs of travel is the underlying cost of fuel. In fact, this became such a problem in the past decade that airlines were sometimes losing money in an entire quarter. Now that eco friendly and cost effective fuels are being tested and produced, this will reduce the overall cost of travel and help ease lifestyles which have been under strain since the global financial problems began to take their toll on private citizens.

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