East Asian Green Architecture

Eco Friendly,Environmental Cleaning ProductsThe primary purpose of green architecture is to provide beauty and utility, with an emphasis on sustainability and green inspiration. Eco friendly architecture comes in millions of forms and is limitless in design and scope. Green architects have created a wide variety of high quality, stunningly attractive, and very utilitarian structures worldwide. Here are some examples of East Asian architecture that functions ecologically on behalf of our planet:


Elmich works worldwide on storm water management, construction, and landscaping. They have a wide-ranging and very strong portfolio of well-designed waterproofing, solar, and landscape engineering projects. They have BMW, Hilton, Sentosa, and Putrajaya International Convention Centre as clients, to name a very few. Their design is outstanding.

Bio Architecture Lab, Inc.

Bio Architecture Lab, Inc. is developing interests in already established ocean farms in South America and Asia which grow seaweed, press it down, and convert it into alcohol. These farms are already established in large population areas, where the need for fuel is very high. If these plans go through successfully, then the ocean farms can contribute to the need for sustainable fuel both now and in the future. Architecture is not just about containing or separating structures, but also about what is inside of these structures and how living things are allowed to move around inside of and interact

Ministry of Construction – Beijing, China

A ten-story office building in the middle of Beijing was constructed and worked on for many years, and was completed in 2004. This large structure in the middle of a massive city known for its construction incentives and heavy pollution uses rainwater collection to save over ten thousand tons of water per year. You read that right. It also uses seventy percent less energy than similar buildings of size and capacity. Since Beijing has encountered innumerable problems with pollution and a high need for energy consumption, this office building will begin to set a standard for urban projects which focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and conservation in the future.

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