Earthwell Festival

Earthwell FestivalThis year, the third annual Earth well Festival will occur in Heber, UT, and this is certainly an exciting event. Over three thousand artists and entrepreneurs and creative geniuses will get together, along with live music and plenty of food, to engage in an event which is both culturally diverse and ecologically sound. The event is designed to educate the public on Eco friendly ways of living, changing their lives, and using creative solutions. From composting to wind energy, and from bio fuels to reclaimed materials, Earth well Festival is intended to serve sort of as a public free for all, where individuals can pick up information for their daily lives, and companies can both advertise Eco solutions which they offer and find out ways to make their businesses run a little greener in the future. While people are making a difference to their local environment, they are building a bigger and better future.

Earth well Festival is designed to offer a new experience for those who do not know enough about Eco friendly solutions and new ways of getting old practices done. It is not meant to support “greenwashing” or anything like that, as booths which are low quality will simply not be visited as much by the public. This is also a good way to include demonstrations, so that others can see real life solutions being put into practice, without having to buy products in packaging, without knowing or seeing how effective it can be. Now, the only problem with attending or having a booth at the site might include expensive fuel to arrive there, but there are likely to be bio fuel alternatives and perhaps some additive demonstrations while you are there, so there is no need to lose heart. The experience will still give you more solutions and information than it can possibly take away from you.

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