Deer Deterrents and Encouragements

Extreme GreenOften, gardeners wish to deter deer, not encourage them. Deer can eat a gardener’s food and flowers, trample all over the earth, and can cause some damage to trees. To deter deer, businesses and homeowners often plant deer-resistant plants and trees, rather than trying to encourage the deer. Often, even though people like to watch deer or hunt them, they prefer to be able to eat their own homegrown food, rather than the deer eating them.

Deer deterrents are often found in breeding plants which deer are less attracted to or which have some quality which may even repel deer, to some extent. Deer often like soft strips of tree bark, especially from fruit trees, and so in woody areas, tree owners must take extra precautions against these delicious feasts.

On the other hand, there are some people who buy large tracts of land so that they can either hunt or watch the wildlife. In these cases, preserving the deer is of foremost importance. People may find it more convenient to simply let trees and wild plants grow right up to their back porch. Others may actually put food out for the deer. This may also bring predators, such as bears and mountain lions, though, so it is not advisable.

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