Australian Mining Invests in New Methods

Dishwashing Liquid, DisinfectantAn Australian resources company, CWH Resources, has decided to convert their manufacturing operations into a company which explores and mines green and “clean” materials, such as uranium and gold. They wish to increase relationships with China and Chinese engineers and geologists, and to develop an export market in China to ship their mined gold. And what is the benefit to China? Gold acts as a hedge against Chinese inflation, according to Mr. Bao Cheng Luo, who is the executive chairman of CWH Resources. In other words, they wish to create jobs in Australia through mining, and create an export market for mined materials in China, ensuring revenue and future demand.

While the mining industry worldwide has taken quite a few hits for not always being eco friendly, it is encouraging for specific international mining companies to take an interest in mining for non-polluting materials, both for reasons of public policy and for earth friendly goals. It certainly changes the value of stock for publicly traded companies, since eco friendly renovations, overhauls and practices are seen as new hope for the future and may be more likely to draw in or at least tempt potential investors.

When a layperson thinks of mining, they sometimes jump mentally to the picture of mining petroleum based materials and this impression can taint the mental image of the entire mining industry in a person’s mind, especially coupled with the fact that some illegitimate mining companies rack in huge amounts of money at the cost of workers’ safety and lives. This image is inaccurate, and earth friendly or non-polluting activities undertaken by various enterprises in the mining industry must be commended and publicized as much as possible. These are very real efforts on the part of a very powerful industry to reduce or completely eliminate their carbon footprint and bring a cleaner, safer tomorrow to all of us.

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