Seven Ways to Cut Down on Energy Depletion

Energy depletion is sort of a matter of not taking the best care of the resources you have. Rather than just being a flow of energy source, energy is aSeven Ways to Cut Down on Energy Depletion resource which can technically be conserved and stored. With that in mind, here are seven ways to cut down on energy depletion in your home or worksite.

1. Insulate the heck out of everything. Since temperatures are maintained in a steadily controlled environment where sealing and insulation are taken for granted, be sure to do whatever it takes to insulate your house or place of business, both above and below ground, and internally and externally. Leave no stones unturned.

2. Control humidity versus dry air. This is especially important during the warmer months, when humidity can prevent further cooling if the air is humid enough. Make a habit of using swamp cooling during the day, in the hottest hours, and then drying out the place at night with dry air circulation.

3. Take advantage of space saving, smaller offices, and low ceilings. Energy consumption is at its highest in wide open spaces, which also tend to be more drafty and harder to stop up all of the holes where energy can leak.

4. Keep a log of how office energy is used. Now, in order to maintain a healthy and reasonable standard of living and working, you may not actually cut down on much of your energy consumption, but knowing about your habits is the first step toward further solutions.

5. Use in-office recycling. Companies which recycle their own waste materials and reuse them in the same environment save an enormous amount of energy and resources. These would otherwise have to cycle through the recycling system in your city.

6. Make use of windows, blinds, and fresh air. Heating and cooling can easily be maintained in an office or home which allows sunshine or blocks it out from the windows. Fresh air, on a thermostat of course, being cycled through the office will increase positive workflow due to its inherent health benefits.

7. Keep up with the chores. Home and workplace maintenance makes all the difference in detecting, being aware of, or correcting energy leaks. Become involved with the cleaning process and increase your awareness. Use our glass cleaner, dust suppressants, and our solvent free degreaser to help with this.

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