Creation working with Destruction

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsYou have seen plenty of inspirational action movies which feature major compounds of good versus evil. Good themes and characters are always in favor of growth, organic methods, and freedom, while evil themes and characters are always veered toward destruction and chaos and controlling methods. Of course, anyone who has ever seen their favorite superhero battle their favorite villain can tell you that it is always good to have aspects of both.

The truth is that this applies in all aspects of life.

Being fired from your job can be seen as bad, unless you can see into the future and you know that it is because you will get a job with three times as much pay and only half the time spent on it. Many people would consider that to be the best option, but not very many people feel comfortable in leaving their current job unless they have the second job solidified. And since that is something which is not easily done in real life, getting fired from your job can be seen as a good thing, rather than some sort of huge catastrophe.

Of course, it is important to understand how human nature works. If you are comfortable with risk, it does not mean that you will stay comfortable if you push it to the point of recklessness.

If Batman and the Riddler had it out on your front porch, you may be cheering for the “good” guy to win, but if you like aspects of the Riddler, too, then wouldn’t it be better to have a single person with both sides of the equation?

Since destructive and “evil” energy is so misunderstood these days, it is important to remember that, in nature, winter is always a part of the seasonal change. Winter is always there, no matter what.

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