Continuous Meat

Continuous MeatIn the day of knights and their ladies fair, meat was a high priced commodity. Most people, and by people we mean peasants, ate grain and roots, such as potatoes, from their gardens and fields. Only high ranking officials were in the luxurious position to eat as much meat as they wanted. Even in times of dire straits, there was still a piece of meat with every meal, something which peasants might have once a year during an annual celebration, but certainly not on a regular basis.

In restaurants, protein dishes are considered to be the highest priced meals and they also bring in the highest profit, since many people inherently value them above salads, soups, or meals with lower quality meats, such as chicken. There is a direct correlation between the quality and cut of the meat and the price of the meal.

Often, vegetarians are associated with eco friendly lifestyles, but this may or may not be the case in reality. In many cases, vegetarians associate meat with animal butchering and cruelty and therefore have a high moral aversion to eating meat. This is usually a thing of the present day, when people have forgotten just how highly meat was valued in the past. Thanks to herds and meat marketplaces, there is a continuous supply of meat at all times and people in first world countries can choose just how much they want to eat meat on a regular basis.

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