Celestial Seasonings and the Tea Bag Factor

Celestial Seasonings is a tea company which provides herbal tea and a few select caffeine teas to people and businesses all over the world. Their Celestial Seasonings and the Tea Bag Factorgoal is to bring good quality tea to anyone who values and has a taste for herbal tea. However, when it comes to eco friendly, renewable sources, Celestial Seasonings does a lot more than just bring you good tea. It takes eco friendly to the next level. If you have ever used their teas, then you know that they do not use strings and tags on their tea bags. In fact, research has shown that their lack of tabs and strings saves several hundred thousand tons of paper every year. And we all know that tea bags rarely make their way into recyclable containers. After all, there is organic matter in there, too.

So that means that, in order to be eco friendly and sustainable, you’d have to not drink any tea. And yet, there are entire civilizations which are based around the drinking of tea, such as the Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan and South American cultures.

The fact that Celestial Seasonings is able to provide their customers with eco friendly tea bags with no strings or tags means that you can continue this worldwide cultural tradition without being concerned about the impact on paper products around the world.

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