Envirosafe Solutions and Carbon Neutral – A Partnership for the Planet

At Envirosafe Solutions we promote green initiatives in whatever way we can. We seek to form meaningful partnerships with Australian environmental groups and organisations, to bolster the local economy and advance a green agenda for the nation. Carbon Neutral is one such initiative that we proudly support. Carbon Neutral is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of carbon emissions and raising awareness of climate change issues.

Established in 2001, Carbon Neutral is engaged in various endeavours to research, reduce and offset harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to the warming of the planet. This unique and visionary company works with thousands of businesses and individuals across the country. With financial assistance from industry supporters, Carbon Neutral has to date planted over three million new trees in Australia, offsetting over 42,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. This has been an enormous effort, and Carbon Neutral has even bigger plans for the future.

The benefits of tree planting go beyond carbon sequestration. Plantations are made primarily on private land, in consultation with the landowner, and this practice can dramatically improve the value and aesthetic appeal of a property. Native forest plantations help to combat salinity, soil erosion and loss of habitat. Carbon Neutral also acts as an advisory and consulting services, offering strategies and ideas on how to reduce carbon footprint of households and businesses. The organisation regularly hosts seminars for local government and the business community, and Carbon Neutral is widely regarded as an authoritative source of information.

Carbon Neutral is well and truly at the forefront of climate change action in Australia. This incredible work is only possible through donations and the tireless efforts of volunteers. Environmental industry leaders have the biggest role to play in supporting ventures such as Carbon Neutral. Envirosafe Solutions has had a long and productive association with Carbon Neutral. We are a major financial supporter, and 2% of all sales profits are donated to the organisation. When you buy Envirosafe products, not only are you purchasing premium quality industrial liquids, you’re also investing in a carbon-free future for Australia and the world.

To be a truly green company, we must do more than offer environmentally-friendly products. It is imperative that we offset our own carbon emissions, and contribute to revegetation where it’s needed most in Australia. That’s why, for us at Envirosafe Solutions, we consider money donated to Carbon Neutral to be money well-spent.

We encourage our customers and all Australian businesses to support initiatives such as Carbon Neutral. Because what’s good for the environment is good for business too. Discover more about Carbon Neutral at http://www.carbonneutral.com.au