Calcium as Plant Food

In the changing climates and evolutionary stages of the past millennia, there has been a need to examine soil samples in just about every Calcium as Plant Foodlocation on Calcium as Plant Foodearth. However, some interesting insights have resulted from this.

In areas where you would not think there had ever been an ocean, there are signs of sea fossils and of other calcium based crustaceans which have added considerably to the value of the soil now that it is no longer an ocean. Even the great plains across North America are some of the richest farmland in the world, but it is because of the fact that it used to be a sea bed, and that there are plenty of calcium and phosphorus based sea life forms adding to the inherent alkaline nature of the soil, which makes it really ripe for farmland.

Of course, such farmland can be depleted over time, as plants soak up all of these delicious nutrients, but it certainly boggles the mind to think that today’s abundance is due to the nature of the soil several millennia ago. Who would have thought it?

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