Burning Bridges, Taking Names

Burning Bridges, Taking NamesWell, when you burn your bridges, you are making sure that there is no way to return from whence you came. You cannot take back a negative remark, you cannot put things back to where they were before, and you can’t unhurt someone’s feelings. The style and grace with which you address people and communicate with them is a cause to the effect of how badly you have burned your bridges, or whether they are still standing, in mint condition.

Burning bridges and taking names has to do with making a list and checking off all of the people you have hurt, all of the damage you have created, and how much vengeance, revenge, coldness, ruthlessness, etc. you have wreaked upon a certain person or group of people.

Now, in the physical world, burning bridges really only applies in wartime, where generals would motivate their troops by giving them no form of retreat. They would either win or die, and that was their only choice. It meant that their troops were fully motivated to deliver high quality results and win by a large margin…or else.

Today, we have devoted a great deal of our time to communicating the importance of making the world a safer, more eco friendly, more sustainable planet. What with population rise and resource mismanagement, people have often found that being eco friendly is far more important than it ever had to be if things were done differently.

We are burning our bridges behind us.

And we are hungry, with no supply lines to feed us.

The only way out is to fight our own greed-filled consumption and to begin building anew a world of renewable resources, where each of us is able to provide at least a quarter of our own food, fuel, and other resources. That would be ideal, anyway.

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