Brazilian Forestation and Agriculture

Environmental Cleaning ProductsDeforestation occurs when a wooded area is so overworked by lumber mills, work groups, and development that the trees or forested area does not return to its natural state and is unable to achieve equilibrium and regain its previous growth or even intermediate growth. Brazil is finding that, while many of its parts are becoming deforested, they are becoming so because of the need to continue and grow agricultural endeavors. While Brazil’s economy is booming off the local agricultural prosperity, this deforestation is causing concern among many native and foreign citizens. Which is best, to preserve Brazilian rainforests or to preserve the country’s agricultural integrity?

This is a decision which affects any city developer or wildlife preserve or fundamentalist. The process of balancing human endeavors with natural organic growth and the resulting wildlife fluctuations is something which is decided constantly, from day to day, and any decision made will affect focus groups in different ways. What can be hoped to be achieved when humans themselves almost seem to get in the way of this precious preservation of our natural resources? What can be done about this and what is a good mentality to adopt when dealing with these decisions?

Rather than shakily attempting to achieve some sort of arbitrary balance between the two worlds, it may be a good idea to simply attempt to merge them. Many shopping malls have been built around a famous tree or endanger plant, many resorts build guard rails which separate visitors from the local wildlife, and many native plants fruit the best under agricultural conditions. It is a merging of the two worlds, taking the best of each, and blending them successfully together which will achieve the highest amount of adaptability from animals, humans, and wildlife. It is this mentality “both,” rather than “either/or” which can make new ecological developments possible.

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