Attitude Change

Attitude ChangeEveryone needs a little attitude adjustment, sometimes. Of course, that statement makes us all feel like naughty children stuck standing in the corner as part of our punishment, but it can’t be helped. Attitudes sometimes need to be changed, and there is simply no way around that fact.

For instance, some people think that eco friendly chemical solutions are far more expensive than their non-eco counterparts. They think that the “eco friendly” label is used to draw in more customers, to draw in rich customers, and to basically exploit people who are naïve in the ways that advertising works.

This is not true. Real green products, authentic specimens of eco friendly endeavors, do not have to cost very much more than their non-eco counterparts. Truly eco friendly items do not have to be twice as much as their petroleum based alternatives.

Some people think that being eco friendly means living a life of hardship and self sacrifice. They think that you have to have the gift of giving in order to be one of those people.

That is not true. Many businesses order from us, and they are not being self sacrificing, at all. The environmentally friendly liquids which we distribute, including our industrial hand cleaner, radiator coolant, and fabric conditioner, are all meant to make your life and business run easier, not harder. All of our items, from our diesel bug killer to our marine glass cleaner, are meant to be used just as much as all of your other chemical solutions, although we hope that it is more than adequate for your needs, so that you won’t have to use that much of it.

Finally, there is a perception that eco friendly companies are “out to get” the rest of us. However, these businesses are engaging in “greenwashing,” which is a technique where cheap, ineffective products are advertised as being eco friendly, when they are really worthless.

We don’t have products like those.

We have the good stuff.

You’ll like our stuff.

Find out about each of our chemical solutions by visiting our website product pages and reading up on how we have evaluated each of our chemicals so that you can be informed on your purchase. Call us today to place an order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.