Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is a long life
coolant based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT).
This organic acid technology coolant provides a
number of advantages…


Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is a long life coolant based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT). This organic acid technology coolant provides a number of advantages over traditionally used cooling system corrosion inhibitor formulations.

Various blends of organic acids have been found to provide excellent protection to those metals making up the cooling system, and are less readily depleted from the coolant solution than older style inorganic inhibitors such as commonly used silicates, phosphates and borates. These ‘older style’ coolants can precipitate from the coolants during use, particularly if incorrect levels or proportions are present, or if hard water is used. This often leads to inadequate protection against corrosion (particularly of aluminium alloy), reduced heat transfer, radiator core blockages and abrasion of water pump seals.

Other traditional inhibitors include amines and nitrates, which cannot only be detrimental to the protection of aluminium alloys, but may also lead to the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

  • Automotive: current ratings up to 240,000 km.
  • Diesel: current ratings up to almost 1,000,000 km.


  • Engine coolant

Extreme Green Radiator Coolant meets the following performance specifications:

  • ASTM D-3306, D-4985, D-4656, D-5345
  • AS/NZS 2108.1:1997
  • Caterpillar 1 EQ 535
  • Cummins 3666132
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE 297, Series 149
  • Chrysler MS7170 (Europe)
  • GM 1825M/1899M
  • John Deere JDM HD24
  • MAN 324; TUC 1637/77
  • MTU (EVP 1 1827/MTL 5048) & NA
  • Mercedes Benz DBL 7700
  • Porsche
  • SAE J1034/J1941
  • SAAB-Scania 6901
  • TMC rp 329
  • VW


  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is very economical in use.
  • Low depletion rates on inhibitors
  • Superior localised corrosion inhibition.
  • Superior high temperature corrosion protection
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics.
  • Environmentally safe
  • Buffered to pH 7.5 to 8.

Point of Difference:

  • Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant contains 50% ethylene glycol. This proportion of ethylene glycol provides:
    • Excellent heat transfer characteristics
    • Superior high temperature corrosion protection.
  • Universal coolant suitable for automotive and diesel applications.
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is a long life hybrid organic acid coolant that does not require SCA (supplemental coolant additive) addition prior to 480,000 km or 6000 hrs.
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is biodegradable. However, during the circulation of product through engine system, hard metals may be picked up and disposal as per local regulations is recommended.
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is compatible with all commercially available SCA’s.
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant utilises only the very best ingredients available


  • Drain existing coolant and flush system thoroughly
  • Add sufficient treatment to replace existing coolant
  • Do not mix with other coolant formulations
  • Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is packaged ready-to-use. No dilution is required.
  • A refractometer may be used to measure the level of ethylene glycol. Envirosafe can supply customers with a refractometer upon request.

Shelf Life:

  • Minimum of 24 months. Indefinite when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight.


  • 5 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres
  • 1000 litres

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